After 12 what I should do?

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I wanted to know about some career field and educational sector which I can opt for on the basis of my interest and on the basis of my qualities.
Careers In The Education Sector
You can be a teacher. Teaching is done in an educational institute to impart knowledge on a subject of study. Your dominant skill as a teacher is the ability to teach. To become a teacher, you would study how to impart education and get a degree such as B.Ed. In addition to obtaining the skill to teach through an education degree, you can also develop subject expertise to become a teacher in the area of your expertise. Depending on the subject area expertise, you can be a teacher teaching students of different age groups. The greater your subject expertise, the higher would be the age group of students you teach, from high school up to college. Click here to know more becoming a teacher. 

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While teachers are the backbone of the education sector they are not the only ones that run an institution. If your interest is in working in the education sector, you can consider administrative roles in an educational institute which entail recruiting teacher, admitting students, marketing the school or its courses, and a range of other roles that make an institution run.

On the other hand if you like teaching but do not want to work in an educational institution, you can consider the role of a trainer. The role is similar to that of a teacher. What changes is what you teach and where you teach it. Training is done to enhance skills in people, at the work place, the sports field, a music academy... The dominant trait of the trainer is the mastery of the skill that he/she imparts. To become a trainer, you would develop expertise in the skill you want to impart and find a way to impart the training, either as a freelancer or as part of an organization or an academy. Click here to know more about becoming a trainer

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