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Life and Culture in Australia

The life and culture of Australia is very different from what you would be used to here in India. Many Indian students find it difficult to adjust to the Australian way of life and start feeling alienated.

On the other hand, there are some Indian students who adapt to life in Australia very quickly and feel at home. How you react while you are in Australia depends totally on your personality and nature.

A student with good networking skills might find it much easier to adjust to the new culture in Australia rather than a student who does not prefer to interact a lot of with others.

Before you make a decision regarding studying in Australia, it is very important to know a little bit about the Australian culture and way of life. This will give you more clarity about what your life would be like in Australia and will help you make a decision regarding your college education.

States and Cities

Australia is a vast country that is primarily made up of a total of 6 states. These states are Western Australia, New South Wales, Southern Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria. It also has 2 territories namely the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia is home to some of the biggest, most cosmopolitan and multi – cultural cities in the world like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

There are 3 different time zones in Australia. They are – the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), the Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) and the Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

Multi – Cultural Population

Australia has a very small population, just about above 23 million. Even of these, approximately 23% of have been born outside Australia.

This foreign influence has resulted in Australian people interacting very often with people from other cultures and thus becoming accustomed to different ways of thinking and accepting opposing beliefs.

Many Australian people are now getting to learn about Indian culture and customs due to the significant Indian student population in Australia.

People from all cultures are accepted and treated equally in Australia. You will find people from all countries in Australia, especially from Asia and the Middle East.

English is the most popular language in Australia and is spoken by almost everybody. However, certain other languages like Italian and Cantonese are also spoken by a significant number of people.


Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and is made up of a diverse topography. You will find mountains, rainforests, deserts and beaches in Australia.

Most of Australia’s population lives near the coast in areas like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The more interior portions of the country are known as the ‘Australian Outback’. The outback generally comprises of vast deserts with infertile land, less water and harsh weather.

Australia is a naturally beautiful country with a unique wildlife. You will come across species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world except Australia.

Varying Climate

As Australia is huge in terms of area, the climate varies from place to place. There are places which experience snowfall and there are places which experience sand storms.

The climate in the coastal areas of Australia, where most people live, is mostly temperate and warm. However, some places like the State of Tasmania are much colder with temperatures dropping to 3 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Competitive and Sporty

Australians are generally competitive and sporty in nature. Achievers are respected and winning in all aspects of life is considered to be very important.

Sports are a very important part of the Australian culture with almost every individual following one sport or the other. Some of the most common sports in Australia are the Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby and Cricket.


Equality is highly valued in Australia and everybody is considered to be equal regardless of their race, religion, beliefs etc.

It is this importance given to equality that leads Australians to the concepts of ‘Fair Go’ and support to the underdog. It is a firm belief in Australia that everybody deserves an equal chance to compete and nobody should be at a disadvantage.

Australians believe in tolerance and respecting the opinion of each individual irrespective of whether you agree with it or not.

There is great respect for the rule of law and individual as well as collective freedom is highly valued. You are allowed to practice your own religion and live the way you wish to.

Informal and Friendly

Australians are generally informal and friendly in nature. They are known to have a laid – back attitude towards life with due importance given to enjoying life as well as working hard. As per recent reports, it is the fourth happiest country in the world!

You will find people to be informal in their demeanor, with elders and teachers often referred to by their first names. Everybody is open and frank in discussions and honesty is valued.

However, keep in mind that Australians respect privacy as well. They do not like to touch people while talking and prefer to maintain a comfortable distance. It is considered rude to interfere in the personal lives of others or try to get emotionally close too quickly.


Like most other western countries, punctuality is highly valued and respected in Australia as well; much more so during professional appointments and meetings.

Australians consider it to be very rude if a person does not inform them in advance about their late – coming.

When in Australia, try to be on time as much as possible otherwise you may create a bad impression in front of teachers and colleagues.

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