How To Apply

Finding a job may seem like a daunting task but it can become easy if you fully utilize the various tools available out there.

Let’s take a look at the ways through which you can look for jobs and subsequently apply.

Campus Placements

If you happen to be on a campus where companies come to recruit and the college authorities make the effort to provide employment opportunities to students, don’t let go of that opportunity. It’s the easiest way to find a job. You may have to compete with your batch mates though and prepare too. Research the companies coming to campus, find out what’s unique about them, what you find exciting about working in them, understand their recruitment process, and prepare.

Campus Placements are generally organized by the ‘Placement Cells’ of colleges which is run by the students themselves. The placement cell of a college invites companies to come and recruit candidates from the college. As a student, you can have a say with regards to which companies should be invited for Campus Placements that year. If you want to join a certain company, go and influence the placement cell to invite them.  

Internships, Projects and Temporary Work

Another way college students find jobs is through their Internships, Projects and other Temporary Work that they have been a part of.

Students who work hard during these work opportunities and make the effort to connect with people in the companies they are interning in, have a good likelihood of being hired if vacancies become available around the time they are graduating. The companies would have seen how you work, assessed your abilities and knowledge, and would not hesitate to offer you a job if there is one available. So take the projects and internships seriously as they may become a way to obtain full-time employment after you graduate.  Work as hard as you can during your Internship or Project, take initiative and show your leadership skills. Use your communication and networking skills to maximum effect and interact as much as possible with seniors, professionals and your employer.

Responding to Job Advertisements

A comparatively old – fashioned way of looking for jobs is by responding to the Job Advertisements posted in newspapers and magazines. Almost all major newspapers of the country, including The Times of India and the Hindustan Times have separate job sections in which the employers post advertisements specifying their requirements and asking suitable candidates to apply. Go through these sections regularly.

Job Portals

Job Portal websites such as, and create a platform through which employers contact candidates and vice – versa.

Essentially, most of these Job Portals work in 2 ways. You can post your Resume and wait for employers to contact you and browse through the jobs posted on these websites to identify those of your interest.

To get a job through these Job Portals, it is essential that you have a complete online profile with an impressive Resume. Make sure you are regularly active on the websites and apply for all jobs that suit your needs and qualifications.

Company Websites

Another way through which graduates can look for jobs is by directly visiting the websites of companies that they are interested to work in and looking for any vacancies or job postings.

Most big company websites have a separate ‘Careers’ or ‘Work with us’ section which is dedicated to serving the needs of candidates who wish to work with that company. These sections generally mention any job advertisements or vacancies available at that point of time along with the details about the type of candidate required.

Along with job advertisements and vacancies, most of the company websites allow candidates to post their Resume on the website even if there is no vacancy or job available for their profile at that point of time. It is very possible that you are contacted by the company as and when a suitable job becomes available if the Resume you had posted suits their requirements.

Headhunters, Recruitment Agents and Placement Agencies

You will come across many Headhunters, Recruitment Agents and Placement Agencies that have tie – ups with companies and organizations and are responsible for recruiting candidates on their behalf.

The big companies outsource their recruitment process to these agents who screen resumes and short list the most suitable candidates as per the requirements of the company and recommend that the company interviews them.

You can contact an agent online or in person and submit your Resume. But before you do that, try and find out about the best recruitment agents in and around your area and identify the ones that specialize in your field.

These agents also build their own database of Resumes and Profiles of candidates and contact them when there is a suitable job opening or vacancy in a company. Most agents do not charge anything from the candidates for their services, however that is a general norm and there are exceptions. 

Your Personal Network

You should let people you know, friends, seniors and family, know that you are looking for a job. Identify people you know who work in the industry of your interest and/or those who know other people who may be connected to your favoured industry. Call them up and send them your resume. If they come across jobs that may be right for you, they will let you know. You should know that a large number of job openings around the world are filled through personal recommendations of existing staff.

You can spread the net wider by posting a message on Facebook or other similar social networks.  

Linked In

They say that recruitments in the future will happen mainly through professional networking sites such as Linked In. Build your profile. Connect with other professionals you know who might be on Linked In. Look for openings suitable for you. Also be found for suitable openings by recruiters across industries.  

Cold – Calling

If you are interested to work in a specific company and/or in a certain kind of a company, make a list of these companies, locate and call up their HR departments, check how they recruit for the role you are interested in, and follow what they ask you to do. In most cases, they will ask you to send your resume. Find out from them the name of the person you need to address the resume to because an application addressed to a person has a better chance of being read.

If cold calling is going to be your primary means of finding a job, you would need to contact a large number of companies as the success rate in finding a job is probably the lowest from all the methods we have discussed here.


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