What are the Commerce subjects?

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What does one study in Commerce in class 11th and 12?
Since you do not know if you
Since you do not know if you will enjoy the two commerce subjects of business studies or accountancy it makes sense to choose commerce only if you are sure that you would like to run a business in the future or take up a career as a CA or CS or do a B Com. Even for these you don't necessarily need to take up commerce after 10th. Students from any educational background can study BBA and MBA for business. Even CA and CS can be pursued by students from any stream. But if you are sure that you will be doing a CA or CS after 12th, taking up commerce is the best choice of subjects after 10th.
Would have been nice if we
Would have been nice if we were taught accountancy and business studies in class 10th so that we could make an informed choice about commerce in 11th. There is much better familiarity with the arts and science streams because we study many of their subjects till 10th. I am going to talk to my principal tomorrow.
Commerce subjects
Accountancy and Business Studies are the two unique subjects that one gets to study under Commerce. Business studies is about how companies function and the environment in which they operate. Accountancy is about the systems and methods to determine the financial health of a company. In addition to accountancy and business studies, you will also study economics, maths and English. Since you can study English, maths and economics if you choose arts too, in most schools, the real difference is in accountancy and business studies.

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