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I have completed 10 th and i am in confusion which subject to take... iam not good at math and physics.I like to be a collage professor in an engineering collage. What shall I do? DO reply in detail....PLEASE
Engineering Without Maths and Physics?
To be a professor in an engineering college, you would need to be an engineer first. In fact, you would be required to do your bachelors, masters and even a PhD in engineering to become a professor in an engineering college. Maths and physics are the two subjects you need to be good at in case you want to become an engineer. Most subjects you study in engineering are extensions of specific topics of school level Physics and Maths. If you want to get into engineering, you would need to explore why you think you are not good at math and physics. Is it because you did badly in an exam? Is it because you found it difficult to understand specific topics? Make sure you are not forming a wrong opinion.

After you explore, however, if you really think that maths and physics are indeed subjects you don't like, you may want to revise your goals. You could be a professor in any other subject that you like if you want to teach or go into research.

There is also a whole universe of careers possible after you study science in school.

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