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Am working in Telecom from last 5 years am not satisfied with salary and no learning in this filed.. Looking for change but low self-esteem and not confident and I want good job with good salary. Can I and which filed
Feeling Stuck At Work
If you are not happy with your current job, you need to correctly identify the reason for it. Is the problem in the way you work, the people you work with, the company you are part of, or the industry of which the company is a part?

Sometimes industries and/or companies stop growing. Unless they grow, ie., they make more money than they previously did, they cannot pay more salaries to their employees. If this is the case in your organization, you may want to change jobs. Identify your most saleable traits, in terms of knowledge, skills, and work attitudes, and explore where else these traits will be valued. Check out the online job sites, explore job offers where your abilities are being sought, and apply. Tap into your personal and professional network and seek their support to find the job that you seek.

If your company and industry are both doing well, and if you are not being paid the money you think you deserve, and if there are others in the organization at your level of expertise and experience that are getting that much money, you either have to upgrade skills, change your attitude towards work, change the perception of others towards you, or just change jobs. Sometimes, getting a new job with your company's competitor is the only way to break the iron cage in which you find yourself. But unless you identify why you landed up in the iron cage in the first place, you are going to find yourself in a new one even after changing jobs. You may have to learn how to build professional relationships, improve your attitude towards work, demonstrate initiative, and overcome other such shortcomings, as the case may be, to make the change work for you in the long run.

Low self esteem is a natural outcome of inaction in carrying out an important activity. Finding a new job is a difficult task. It requires making persistent effort over a period of time and keeping expectations real. It takes time. List out specific traits that are valued in the roles you are seeking, and bring them out through a professionally drafted resume. Identify companies where you can apply and research how they recruit at your level. Every week, target sending out a certain number of applications through online job portals and reach out to specific people in your network. Don't let a poor response rate discourage you. Keep at it. Analyze what's happening. Identify if there are new things you need to learn to become more employable, and work towards learning them. Acting consistently towards your goal will make things happen. It could take time though. That's the way it works, for everyone. Be patient and persistent.

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