“Study sociology if you want to create a career out of learning about people and communities." 

Sociologists study human social behavior, its origins and its development. They conduct research about human behavior that can be useful to the society. Sociology as a career is an exciting one. It gives you the opportunity to interact with people and look at society with a different perspective. Sociologists are hired today in a vast variety of fields such as research, health care, law, journalism etc. It is a well paying career that provides you with the opportunity to serve society.

What do Sociologists do?

Sociologists are social scientists that study concepts and social phenomena like class, gender, sexuality, race, secularization etc. They create a body of knowledge of human social actions and structure.

Sociologist conduct research. They study a variety of topics concerned with the thoughts of an individual and the thoughts of a society. They ask important questions and come up with theories that explain the reasons behind different social phenomena.

They collect and analyze data for companies and governmental units.  Using their research they help formulate policies and make decisions that are related to a group of people or a society. This can be at the governmental level or for private companies. Sociologists provide insights into the thoughts of the society, so that decisions can be made for their betterment.

Sociologists often work as lecturers and teachers and this is usually their main job. It is the responsibility of a Sociologist to teach people about his research and help improve the society through it.

Sociologists also do a lot of social work. They speak to socially alienated communities and try to understand their problems. Sociologists often take up social causes and look to uplift society through their research and actions. 

How to become a Sociologist?

Sociologists are required in a variety of disciplines such as Human Resource Management, Media, Social work etc. Becoming a Sociologist requires a lot of studying and critical thinking.

To become a Sociologist, you need to start concentrating on subjects like History and Political Science. It is advisable that you choose the Arts stream after your 10th. Once you complete your schooling, you will have to do your graduation in Sociology. Your graduation will provide you with a B.A (Hons.) in Sociology.

You can apply for jobs once you complete your graduation. But to become a full fledged Sociologist, you should do your Master’s in Sociology. A Master’s in Sociology will provide you with an in depth knowledge of the subject. You can start working after your Master’s or choose to study further.

Some jobs, especially the ones in the Government sector, will require you to have a PhD in Sociology. A PhD will give you a lot of knowledge in your specialized field and sharpen your critical thinking skills. It will also provide you with a great amount of knowledge regarding research tools and methods.

Once you complete your PhD, you can either choose to take up a Post Doctoral job or look for a permanent job straight away. A Post Doctoral job will involve teaching and guiding student research. Permanent jobs can be found in various sectors such as education, human resource management, media etc.

If you want to become a Sociologist, it is important to assist other Sociologists and work as an intern in various research companies. This can be done while you’re completing your studies. Such jobs will be very beneficial as they will provide you with industry experience and help you understand the basics of research.

To become a Sociologist, you should work a lot on your communication and social skills. It is imperative for a Sociologist to communicate and interact with different people.


There are many great institutions that offer courses in Sociology. For your Bachelor’s degree, Hindu College, Delhi, and Loyola College, Chennai are two great options. Both of them provide you with a B.A (Hons.) in Sociology. For your M.A (Hons.) in Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi are two of the best institutions.

What are the skills required to become a Sociologist?

Sociologists are people who study the different ways through which humans interact and make decisions. As Sociologists constantly have to deal with human relations and thoughts, it is important for them to be receptive and sensitive. They have to have excellent communication skills and the ability to connect to people emotionally. Sociologists need to have the ability to work in teams and alone. They need to be able to think critically and analyze human thoughts and interactions. Sociologists need to be considerate and persuasive. They need have the ability to lead a group, as many times they have to work to uplift societies and communities and that requires leadership skills. Sociologists need to have an understanding of the norms and customs of different cultures as they often have to interact with people from diverse cultures. Sociologists should have basic computer skills as they are required to collect and analyze data digitally. They should also have the ability to observe communities and individuals and be able to draw conclusions on the basis of those observations. Most of all, Sociologists should be driven by the desire to know more about individuals and society as a whole.

Is this the right career for me?

The life of a Sociologist is full of field visits, surveys and interactions. They have to visit villages, slums etc. for research. There is very little job security if you’re working in the social work sector. Sociologists often research for very long before they make a significant contribution to the society. They have to work for long hours without any appreciation.

So if you’re genuinely interested in the study of human behavior and interactions, and if you’re willing to work in unfavorable conditions for the sake of the society, then this just might be the perfect job for you.

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